My name is Andrei N. Ciobanu.

jpg Myself, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France, 2019

I was born in Southern Romania, Bailesti, in 1987, two years before the fall of communism.

jpg An old picture (1900) of Bailesti, the town where I was born

My childhood was happy, very Balkan, and marked by a permanent connection to the Internet.

jpg Colegiul National Carol 1, Craiova - My highschool

Eventually, I’ve moved and currently live in Bucharest.

jpg Bucharest, Romania

I am happily married and the father of a two sweet baby girls.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information technology from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (2009). I have a specialization in Computer Networks and Sofware Engineering.

jpg Universitatea Politehnica, Bucharest, Romania

I have played with math, computers, and programming languages since childhood. My parents were engineers, and they instilled in me a healthy curiosity for technology. My maternal grandfather and granduncle were math teachers, so they’ve played me into playing with numbers.

jpg Me and Alexandru Muscalu, my cool grandfather math teacher

My first microcomputer was one of those. All the lucky Romanian kids from 90s had them:

jpg HC91, a Romanian Microcomputer

I consider myself a generalist rather than a specialist. I know some stuff about low-level programming. I know stuff about building modern back-end systems. I’ve used many libraries and frameworks and reinvented the wheel several times.

jpg View from my office, 2022

Romanian is my native language, and I am fluent in English and French. I almost speak a fourth language; I will put it here once I become fluent.

The blog

I blog because I genuinely like programming and math.

My most popular articles so far are:

… it’s a work in progress

I’ve also started to collect interesting links. Check this section.



I create the “visuals” with draw.io.

I use mathjax for math formulas.

For HTML Canvas-related stuff, I am using p5js.

Contact & Collaboration

I will be flattered to receive your email: gnomemory (with an @yahoo.com or @pm.me endings).

The opinions expressed on this blog are highly personal.