My name is Andrei N. Ciobanu.

jpg Myself, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France, 2019

I was born in Southern Romania in 1987, two years before the fall of communism.

jpg An old picture (1900) of Bailesti, the town where I was born

I currently live in Bucharest, Romania.

jpg Bucharest, Romania

I am happily married and the father of a two sweet baby girls.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information technology from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (2009).

jpg Universitatea Politehnica, Bucharest, Romania

I played with computers, programming languages, and technology since childhood. My first microcomputer was one of those. All the lucky Romanian kids from 90s had them:

jpg HC91, a Romanian Microcomputer

I consider myself a generalist rather than a specialist. I know some stuff about low-level programming. I know stuff about building modern back-end systems. I’ve used many libraries and frameworks and reinvented the wheel several times.

jpg View from my office, 2022

Romanian is my native language, and I am fluent in English and French. I almost speak a fourth language; I will put it here once I become fluent.

The blog

I blog because I genuinely like programming and math.

My most popular articles so far are:

… it’s a work in progress



I create the “visuals” with draw.io.

I use mathjax for math formulas.

For HTML Canvas-related stuff, I am using p5js.

Contact & Collaboration

I will be flattered to receive your email: gnomemory (with an @yahoo.com or @pm.me endings).

The opinions expressed on this blog are highly personal.