This section contains links to my “open source” projects and libraries.

Repository Language Description
mockneat Java MockNeat is a Java 8+ library that facilitates the generation of arbitrary data for your applications.
mapneat Kotlin MapNeat is a JVM library written in Kotlin that provides an easy to use DSL (Domain Specific Language) for transforming JSON to JSON, XML to JSON, POJO to JSON in a declarative way.
serverneat Kotlin A Kotlin DSL / Server for creating mock/stub servers - using MockNeat for generating data.
markovneat Java A Markov Chains implementation for Java.
neat-sample-database-generators Java Neat java scripts (!not javascript) to auto-generate data for various sample databases.
neat-matrix-library (nml) C nml is a “simple” matrix/numerical analysis library written in pure C. The scope of the library is to highlight various algorithm implementations related to matrices.
JBVE Java A library that extends the Java Bean Validation API with additional @Annotations.
ansiscape Java AnsiScape is a simple Java library that allows the user to format the output of the applications using ANSI Escape Codes.
aleph-formatter Java A simple and efficient StringFormatter that supports named parameters (with a twist). Oh!, and it works faster than String.format(...)sometimes.
nmlib C A generic C data structures /algortihms library.
pysert python3 A python script that can be used to generate data arbitrarly.
c-generic-pqueue C A generic PQueue implementations using binary heaps.
jasuggest Java An auto-suggest library using a Trie as the underlying implementation.