In 2023, I boldly decided to quit (or reduce) the time lost on various Social Media Sites.

As a natural consequence, I decided to create my own social media feed by traveling back to the 2000s, installing an RSS Reader (called unimaginatively Feeder), and curating a list of blogs that I found interesting. I’ve become my own algorithm.

I usually find blogs I like by scrolling the top page of hn or Unfortunately, there’s no other way. Searching for quality blogs online is almost impossible. They never pop up on the first page of any search engine.

If you have a personal blog, I recommend you create your blogroll section. Your readers will appreciate it. Accessing quality content has become challenging in recent years. Publishing a list of sites you truly like & follow & subscribe to is helpful for everyone.

You can email me if you know similar blogs (see /about/ for my address). Distributed systems, formal methods, quantum computing, Andrew Helwer. A search engine in 80 lines of Python ? Yes, why not? An entertaining blog about mathematics, by Richard Green. Free software developer and internet jackalope extraordinaire. A developer, podcaster & dad based near Frankfurt, Germany. This is an anonymous blog. I am unsure if the (unknown) author plans to maintain it further, but here is where some particular questions of mine found the answers. Austin Z. Henley, computer scientist, AI researcher. This is the personal blog of Joe Nelson: cool projects, anecdotes, parsing and lexing, postgres, postgrest, and much more! tail -f /dev/brain0 Software engineer, author, knitter, Esperantist. Bonnie Eisenman Cthulhu. The blog of John Graham-Cumming. The personal blog of Nelson Elhage. The oddball blog, by Horst Günther Burkhardt. Personal blog of Oscar Molnar. This is Ben Hoyt’s personal site. The articles about GoAWK are some of my favorites. An highly opinionated blog. Hard to explain, but of a different league. Valentin Tolmer explains complex things with simple words. Adrians talks python. You’ve reached Bogdan Popa’s personal website. this is the personal blog of Drew DeVault: open source, the hare programming language, unpopular opinions and a good sense of humor Eric Lathrop’s blog. Gabriel Istrate’s blog. Romanian teacher and researcher. Blog is in Romanian. Herman’s bear blog. A talented young developer. Javier Honduvilla Coto, a Software Engineer from Madrid living in London. Blog of Dennis Felsing. Dennis believes God writes Haskell. The blog of Jay Little. The (minismallist) good-looking personal site of Jes Olson. Talks about Free Software and other tech topics. Here is where I found the motivation for writing this Julia Evan’s blog. The blog of Daniel Lemire, a science professor at the University of Quebec. He sure loves optimizations.
Low Byte Productions This is the YouTube channel of Francis Stokes Alex Kladov, a programmer who loves simple code and programming languages. The blog of Matt Might. Francesco is a programmer. This is his homepage. Colin McMillen, author of 93% of Paint Splatters are Valid Perl Programs This is the blog of Alex Muscar, an old childhood friend. He writes about algorithms and CS topics. Ned Batchelder’s blog. Personal blog of Jan Schaumann. The technical notes of Phil Eaton. This is Chris Wellons’s blog. His articles are always a source of inspiration. The blog of Karl Seguin. This is the personal blog of jbauer. One thing I love about it is the careful gardening of the digital garden Personal blog of Peter Krautzberger. Personal blog of Lionel Dricot. This is the personal blog of “Philip Chimento”: well-articulated and well-documented coding adventures Blog of Alok Menghrajani. This is the blog of Bruce Dawson: bugs, optimizations and technical anecdotes. Ahoy, fellow nightcrawlers! I’m Redowan Delowar, also known as “rednafi” on most platforms. Hi, I am Ruud. I love to create beautiful things with elegant code. I particularly like low-level optimisation for bare metal performance and systems programming, but I also enjoy high-level functional programming. Sometimes I write about that. I am mildly allergic to buzzwords. Skeptics united. Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a “security guru” by The Economist. The personal blog of Susam Pal. A blog of reasonable performance. This is Matthew Sackman’s blog. I found the series Let’s build! A distributed, concurrent editor, extremely entertaining. Personal blog of Andy Wingo. This is the personal site of Xe Iaso. The articles here have a high level of geekiness and humor. CS, math, reverse engineering, SAT/SMT solvers, cryptography, tinkering with *NIX… Zelic research blog. Personal blog of Arseny Kapoulkine.